Intelligent Task Manager

Using the power of AI to save you time and make your team more productive.
Whether you work alone, on multiple projects, on a small team with or without a project manager or at a large organization.

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1) No need for daily SCRUM meetings...
With our real-time team status, you can see tasks being worked on, on hold, with blockers, etc. That's 6 hours per week for a team of 5. Not counting the productivity lost by interrupting the team's work.
2) No need for backlog, planning, prioritization meetings...
Tasks are assigned and prioritized automatically. And the planning is built over time as the team interact with the application. That's 10 hours per week for a team of 5.
1) Multi-team tasks handled seamless
Tasks with dependencies are made available for the next team as they're being completed.
2) Tasks are dynamically assigned to the right person
Task assignments shift among the team members of the team who can get them done sooner.