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We use your data to plan and suggest the next tasks that your team should be working on. Finally, a project management tool that stays out of your way so you can get stuff done, one right task at a time.

Why Untask

Untask prioritizes your tasks and recommends them to each team member.

Add your tasks and forget about them

Create tasks and get back to work. Untask will suggest them to your team at the right time.

Auto-prioritization & Planning

Based on your data, velocity and team activities, Untask is able to plan out your Sprints and keep your backlog always prioritized.

Dynamic Sprints & Continuous Work

Your team will always have something to work on. And your Sprints will change automatically based on the team's velocity.

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Get stuff done! One right task at a time.

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Main features

Built for every team

Whether you work alone, on multiple projects, on a small team with or without a project manager or at a large organization.

Workspaces / Squads / Projects

Depending on your needs, you can set up multiple workspaces, squads, or projects.

Unique Backlog Views

Each team member has a unique backlog automatically prioritized based on the teams that they belong and they interaction with Untask.

Real-time Sprint Progress

At any time, you can see who's working on what and what has been completed.

Sprint Planning

Untask automatically plans out your sprints based on the team's velocity and keep it updated as the team progresses.


Tasks are assigned to teams, so Untask finds the right team member to suggest tasks so everything gets done.

Product Owners View

Product owners have a special view of the tasks so that they can make sure that the most likely tasks to be suggested next have all of the info needed.

Recurring Meetings

Users can set up recurring meetings and reminders.


Easily set up your roadmap, associate Epics with them and get updated when you're falling behind schedule.


Many smart reports to let you know how the team is progressing overtime.

Pricing plans

Free trial.
No contract.

FREE for teams up to 3 people & nonprofits.

startup plan

$ 39 /month
  • 10 users
  • 10 projects
  • Smart Reports
  • 5GB per user
  • Premium Support

enterprise plan

$ 199 /month
  • 50 users
  • 25 projects
  • 10 squads
  • Smart Reports
  • 20GB per user
  • Support 24/7
Frequently asked questions

Built for every team

Whether you work alone, on multiple projects, on a small team with or without a project manager or at a large organization.

No. Untask lets you import your tasks in Excel or CSV formats, so you can get started right away.
Everything starts with the base priority assigned by one of your team members when creating the issue. Anywhere from "Nice to have" to "Critical." From there, we look at when the issue was created. The longer an issue remains undone, its priority increases. If an issue has a due date, it increases its priority as the date approaches. If the issue has other issues dependent on it to be completed. If a dependent issue has already been completed. If an issue is assigned to a project which has a higher priority. The size of the team for which the issue is assigned to. Teams with fewer team members, those issues will have higher priority for those team members. The resources associated with an issue plays a role too. The more complete an issue is, the higher change that it will get done faster as there might be less doubt about the issue.
Yes, if they go onto their backlog, they can choose a task to work. However, Untask is best used if each team member follows the tasks suggested to them automatically. They can skip tasks that they're not ready to work on yet. If a task isn't assigned yet, it's because of the priority of all of the parameters associated with that task. Every team member has a SELF team created for them. That's where they can assign private tasks to themselves. These task suggestions will depend on the other tasks assigned to other teams that they also belong to.
If they accept an issue, yes. That issue stays with them until they complete it. So, before going on holiday, they just need to make sure that they don't have any issues marked as "in progress." Untask will take into account the missing team member and assign issues accordingly. As well as adjusting the team's velocity, sprint planning and roadmap.

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