Save 1 day per week

Untask uses your data to reduce the need for the daily status, prioritization and planning meetings.
Think about how much more your team can achieve with an extra day every week.

No Status Meetings

An average team spends 750min per week on status updates.

No Prioritization Meetings

An average team spends 300min per week on prioritization.

No Planning Meetings

An average team spends 300min per week on planning meetings.

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Made for dynamic & modern teams

Whether you work on multiple projects, on a small team or at a large organization.

Teamwork that works

Work independently within a team. Less interruptions. More autonomy.

Scales as you grow

Features become available as you need them.

Adjusts as priorities change

Set milestones or update roadmaps and everything gets adjusted automatically.

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A team of 5 can save 45 working days per year in productivity by switching to Untask. See how much your team can save?

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