For ALL types of tasks

UNTASK's intelligent technology can be used anytime you have a list of tasks to get done. Whether these tasks must be done by one or multiple individuals.

Let's say you work alone...

Simply add tasks that you need to do/work on and forget about them. When you're ready to work on something, simply see what UNTASK suggests to you. You choose to WORK NOW or to WORK LATER.

Repeat until everything is done!

For time sensitive or recurring events such as meetings or reminders, you can also add reminders to be notified when those events arise.

Now, let's say you work on multiple projects...

You can divide your tasks into multiple projects. You can also rank these projects by priority. And assign project for different days of the week. These extra configurations will make sure that UNTASK divides your work efficiently so you can get all of the projects moving without having to worry about managing your now growing number of tasks.

So, now you're working in a team...

You can create as many teams as you need for your organization. Tasks are assigned to a team, which means that any team member can do the work. UNTASK uses artificial intelligence to suggest the right task to the right team member, so all of your tasks get done efficiently.

Teams using conventional task managers must meet regularly to divide up the work, prioritize and re-prioritize the tasks. That's not necessary with UNTASK.

The same logic applies regardless of your team size.

  1. Add your tasks and forget about them.
  2. When you're ready to work, look at your suggested task and choose to WORK NOW or to WORK LATER.
  3. Get work done more efficiently with fewer meetings.

Your team now has a project manager...

You're now part of a growing team and you have a project manager. Project managers have an important role in keep a team's goal in line and the projects running on schedule. However, it's a waste of their time to have to micro-manage the team. And that's what UNTASK eliminates.

Project managers can quickly see the team status and what everyone is currently working on, any questions that they might have, as well as any blockers to their tasks. So they can adjust the tasks info as well as their priorities within the overall project's goals.

The real-time timeline prediction tool also gives a up-to-date information on when all tasks will be done based on the team progress.


Let's say that your company would like to use UNTASK to manage their multiple teams and projects.

An organization can sub-divide its account into groups. Each group can have their own teams and projects.

You work for different organizations...

You can use UNTASK for your personal projects, and different organizations that you work for, school projects, etc. Simply create multiple workspaces to manage each one of them separately.

UNTASK is FREE for team up to 3 users.

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For anyone who works alone, on multiple projects, on a small team with or without a project manager or at a large organization.

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