One task at a time!

UNTASK automatically assigns tasks to every member of your team. When you're ready to work on it, simply mark WORK NOW. If not, mark WORK LATER and the next task on your backlog will be suggested to you.

Less meetings needed

Just add your tasks and forget about them! You won't need to constantly have meeting to prioritize your tasks and plan your weeks anymore. Everything is handled by UNTASK automatically.

As each team member interacts with the tasks, UNTASK learns it and adjust each task priorities.

Using the power of artificial intelligence

Each team member has a unique backlog based on the task scores generated by UNTASK for each team member.

Real-time team status updates

At any time, you can see what the team is currently working on as well as the projected schedule of when all of the tasks will be completed.

UNTASK is FREE for team up to 3 users.

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An intelligent task manager that makes your team more efficient.

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